Hunter Sprinkler Control Troubleshooting

Hunter is a company that manufactures irrigation equipment for golf courses and the landscaping industry. The business was founded in the 1980s by Edwin J. Hunter and is based in San Marcos, California. Hunter's product line includes rotors, sprinklers, sensors, valves and controllers. The Hunter irrigation controller helps you program and run your sprinkler system.

  1. Replace the fuse and turn on the main water system to create some water pressure if the display shows irrigation but no water is coming out at the particular station.

  2. Set the correct time and date or replace the battery if the time of day display is blinking. Reprogram the unit if you have had a power outage.

  3. Unplug the transformer and remove the battery, and then wait for several seconds before plugging it back in and reprogramming if the display is frozen.

  4. Change the time of day and start time a.m./p.m. to the correct ones and move the dial to "Run" if the automatic sprinklers won't start at the correct time.