How to Convert to a One Way Traverse Rod

Morgan St. James

Traverse rods are used to hang draperies that open by drawing the cords. If you are changing your draperies from two panels that open in the center to one panel that draws to right or left, you may want to convert the rod to one that draws to the right or left instead of buying a new rod. It is not a difficult process and will likely save you money.

Convert from two-way draw to one-way draw

A two-way traverse rod is used for draperies that open in the center.

Step 1

Remove the rod and lay it face down on a flat surface. Notice the overlap carrier is on the right side at the front of the rod and the underlap carrier is at the back on the left side. Each one carries one of the panels.

Step 2

With the rod flat on the floor or other surface, pull the sections as far as they will go to separate them. They should come apart easily.

Step 3

Convert your drapes from two panels to one panel.

Untie and pull the cord loop out of the underlap carrier. The carrier is designed to be removable, so take it out. Most drapery rod manufacturers set the remaining overlap carrier to pull to the right.

Step 4

If the spacing of the new panel's pleats is not the same as the spacing on your old panel, you will need to adjust the number of slides. Figure out how many slides you need by counting how many pleats the new panel has, then deduct two. Add or remove slides as needed. If the pleats in the new panel are spaced the same as the old panels, you will only need to remove two slides.

Step 5

To pull the draperies to the right, remove all of the slides on the left side and reinstall them to the right of the master carrier. Then remove the master carrier overlap guide so you can place it in the last hole on the left side.

Step 6

For draperies that pull to the left, remove all of the carriers on the right side. Follow the same procedure as for a right draw, but when you remove the master carrier, remember to turn the arm in the proper direction before reinstalling it.

Step 7

Determine on which side the cord should drop and pull the cord to that side. The factory settings are almost always on the right, but it might be more convenient for it to drop on the left because of furniture or other obstacles. Put the rod back together and reinstall. If the rod is a one-way draw, it shouldn't matter which cord is pulled, but it is a good idea to double knot the cord to increase tension.