How to Replace the Hidden Element in KitchenAid Ranges

KitchenAid ranges are designed with a hidden element to create a clean, element-free look to the oven bottom.

The only tool you need for this job is a screwdriver.
In addition, the hidden bake element makes it easier to clean the oven. Spills from baking can be difficult to remove from a bake element that is traditionally in the oven unit. If your hidden element stops working, you can replace it simply by using a screwdriver. .

Pull your KitchenAid range away from the wall and unplug the unit.

Put a pair of work gloves on to protect hands from dirt, grease or any sharp edges on the range.

Remove the oven door. Do this by opening the door about four inches (this is also sometimes known as the broiler stop position) and then lift the door slightly and pull toward you until the hinge brackets are out of the frame slots. Tip the door vertically and then pull to completely remove.

Pull the storage door completely out from underneath the range.

Remove the two screws from the rear edge of the right panel and then remove the screw in the center of the bottom of the same panel.

Slide that right panel toward you until the edge closest to you is removed from the frame of the range. Then tilt it and pull it out.

Remove the insulation before disconnecting the wires from each terminal on the hidden element. The insulation will be near the hidden bake element.

Remove the screw on the right side of the hidden element. This screw will be next to the right terminal.

Pull the element to the side, unhooking the tabs and removing the element completely.

Install the new hidden element by working backwards through the previous steps.

Things You Will Need

  • Gloves
  • Screwdriver
  • New Hidden Element

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