Sharper Image Ionic Breeze Instructions

Joshua Phillips

The Sharper Image Ionic Breeze Quadra air purifier is designed to remove all dirt and dust particles from a room. Tiny enough to be placed in any room of the house, the Quadra will purfiy all the air in a room making it helpful for those with allergies. The Quadra does not have many features that need to be configured, making it easy to set up and use.

  1. Place the Quadra on a level surface 12 inches from a wall or any furniture. Use your tape measure to determine the correct number of inches.

  2. Plug the power cord from the Quadra into the wall outlet.

  3. Press the Mode Control button to set the mode for the type of room it will be used in. Select from "Small," "Medium" and "Large," depending on the type of room. Each press of the button will cycle between the modes, beginning with "Small."

  4. Press and hold the "Boost/Ions" button until the light on the Quadra goes blue. This will turn your Quadra up to maximum power for five minutes, at which point it will revert back to the previous Mode Control setting.

  5. Press and hold the "Boost/Ions" button until the light on the Quadra goes green to release a large array of negative ions. Use this when dealing with a particularly pungent odor or a room with lots of dust or dirt. Press the button again to cancel this mode.