How to Install a Drain Line for a Washing Machine

The drain line of your washing machines serves a critical function, as it is the line used to pump water out of the washer at the completion of a cycle. Depending on the plumbing in your house, the drain line drains to a stand-pipe, floor drain or into the laundry sink in your laundry room. Most washing machines include a drain-line form that ensures that the drain line does not kink or bend, restricting water flow. When installing your washing machine, it is extremely important to properly install the drain line, as an improperly installed line will lead to a flood.

  1. Slide the end of the drain hose over the drain port on the rear of the washing machine.

  2. Squeeze the drain hose squeeze-clamp with pliers and move the clamp over the portion of the drain hose over the drain port. Release the clamp to lock the hose in place.

  3. Press the other end of the drain hose into the drain hose form to lock it into place.

  4. Insert the end of the drain hose form into the drain, stand-pipe or hang it over the edge of the laundry sink.

  5. Secure the drain hose in position using zip ties to ensure that it will not move out of the drain and spill water onto the floor.

  6. Push the washer against the wall, ensuring that the drain hose is not kinked or bent.

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