How Do You Keep Fruit From Sticking to the Tray When Drying?

Larry Simmons

Drying fruit is a way of preserving it for up to a year. You can dry most fruits overnight in a dehydrator. During the drying process, however, the fruit may stick to the drying tray, making it difficult to dry the fruit completely. Proper preparation of the drying surface and a bit of attention early on in the process will help you keep fruit from sticking, resulting in delicious, evenly dried fruit pieces.

Prevent your fruit from sticking to the drying trays to create delicious, moisture-free treats.
  1. Hold a can of nonstick cooking spray about 3 inches from the surface of the drying tray, with the nozzle of the can pointed directly toward the tray. Spray the tray with a light layer of nonstick spray, moving in rows that overlap slightly to make certain you cover the tray completely.

  2. Place the fruit onto the tray without the pieces touching, and then place the tray into the dehydrator. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for operating the dehydrator in order to extract the moisture from the fruit.

  3. Lift the fruit from the tray with a spatula after the first hour of drying to help prevent the fruit sticking to the tray. Lower the fruit back into position and then continue drying until the end of the drying cycle.

  4. Use parchment paper or a non-stick dehydrator sheet instead of the cooking spray if you want to avoid adding the spray to the fruit. Cut a piece of the paper the same size as the base of the tray with a pair of scissors, then line the bottom of the tray with the paper. Place the fruit on the paper and put the tray into the dehydrator. Wait one hour, then lift the fruits with the spatula and set them back into place. Allow the dehydrator to complete its drying cycle.

  5. Remove the tray from the dehydrator and place the fruit in a large container. Loosely cover the container and place in a dry location for four to 10 days. Agitate the fruit once a day to keep it from sticking.

  6. Store the fruit in a moisture-proof container. Store in a dry, dark location or in your refrigerator for six to 12 months.