How to Drape a Throw Over a Chair

A throw is a common term for a blanket. You can drape a throw over the back of a chair to decorate it. This is a good idea if your chair shows signs of wear and you do not want to reupholster it. If you plan to use a throw over a chair, you have limited space to do it, so making sure you have everything symmetrical will help to make the throw look good.

A throw can give new life to a worn-out chair.
  1. Place the throw face down on the front of the backrest and allow the throw to flow down over the lap of the chair.

  2. Fold the left side of the throw over lengthwise and then fold the right side of the throw over so both ends of the throw touch in the middle.

  3. Slide the throw apart until the edges of the throw are the same width as the back of the chair.

  4. Flip the throw over so the folded edges are hidden and position the throw so the bottom edge rests just at the base of the backrest. Allow the top half of the throw to rest over the backrest and hang down the back of the chair.