How to Troubleshoot an Airvac Central Vacuum

Meredith Jameson

The AirVac central vacuum is designed for use in a home or business and operates with a central unit in which the motor and bag are positioned. The vacuum head attachment can be moved from room to room and attached via vacuum inlets installed throughout the building. Since the dirt bag in the central unit is so large, it requires less changing or emptying than a traditional upright or canister vacuum and the vacuum system is more efficient at suctioning up and removing dirt. Troubleshooting the AirVac central vacuum may be useful if owners experience problems with the unit.

  1. Verify that the AirVac power cord on the main unit is firmly connected to a power outlet if the entire vacuum will not operate. Replace or reset the circuit breaker or fuse as needed.

  2. Push the "Reset" button on the main unit if power was recently restored to the unit and it is not functioning.

  3. Push down on the "Reset" button and hold for seven seconds if the dirt bag was recently changed and the vacuum is not starting as expected.

  4. Look at the base of the unit and make sure the inlet plug is connected to the unused power unit intake on the unit if there is low power or suction. Close all wall valves and make sure the gaskets are sealed to help avoid loss of power.

  5. Empty the dirt bag from the main unit if there is low suction or the vacuum does not seem to be operating correctly. Look for possible obstructions in the hose, nozzle or any of the lines between the main vacuum and the head. Clean as necessary.

  6. Contact AirVac for additional repair assistance or advice as necessary at 800-421-1587.