How to Use Antennas to Get HDTV

If you want to receive the signals being broadcast in HDTV on your home television set, then a new HDTV antenna might just be the answer. An HDTV antenna has the ability to pick up high definition signals from nearby television towers and bring them into your living room. The installation process is simple, and can be completed in a few steps.

You may be able to get better HDTV reception with an antenna.
  1. Find out where the signal for your HDTV channels are coming from. You can contact the stations directly or use online resources, such as the TV Signal Locator.

  2. Purchase an HDTV antenna that includes both VHF and UHF signal reception.

  3. Check to make sure the VHF reception on the HDTV antenna includes high-band and low-band reception.

  4. Find out if the antenna can be used outdoors. HDTV signals can often be picked up better when the antenna is located outside.

  5. Mount the antenna as high as you can using a 75-ohm coaxial cable. If you're mounting it indoors, try to get it to an upper floor or the attic for installation. Outdoor antennas should be mounted on the roof or as high up as possible. The mounting equipment, such as brackets and screws, should be included with the antenna.

  6. Face the antenna toward the area where the signal is being broadcast. This can help improve reception. Adjust the antenna while someone else checks the channels and tells you how the reception is coming in.

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