How to Assemble a Keurig Water Filter

Keurig coffee brewers are single-serving coffee makers that use small packets of coffee or other beverages and a built-in water tank to create single cups of coffee at a time. Designed for use in an office or home, the brewers offer a variety of features, including automatic shut-off, cup size selection, programmable water temperature, digital clock and LCD display. Assembling the brewing machine, including the water filter, is relatively simple to do and can be done fairly quickly prior to the first use of the machine.

  1. Soak the water filter in clean, cold water.

  2. Set the water filter into the bottom of the water handle assembly.

  3. Turn the "Replacement Date" dial for two months ahead of the current date.

  4. Hold onto the handle and set it into the empty water tank. Push down firmly until it is attached securely.

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