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How to Teleport in the Game GTA4

Stephen Lilley

Because of the sheer size of Liberty City in the game "Grand Theft Auto IV," it can take up to a half an hour to get from one end of the game to the other on foot. This time decreases as you use transportation, but it can still take quite a while. If you want to get from "point A" to "point B" as quickly as possible you can use the "Teleport" feature available when you use the taxi cabs in the game.

  1. Leave your safe house (or any other building you are inside) and walk out onto the street. Taxi cabs in the game only appear on the street.

  2. Walk around until you find a taxi. Taxis spawn randomly throughout the game, so it may be a few seconds before you find one. Just like in real life, taxis are four-door yellow cars marked "Taxi" or "Cab" (depending on the company).

  3. Walk up to the back seat of the taxi cab. Press "Triangle" to enter. If you walk up to the front seat you will steal the taxi, which disables your ability to teleport.

  4. Select your destination from the menu that appears when you're in the taxi. You can select the locations of any of the characters you have met in the game or choose a custom destination.

  5. Press "X." The screen will fade out. Your character will teleport to the destination you have selected. The screen will fade back up. Press "Triangle" to get out of the taxi.