How to Install a ClosetMaid Shelf Track System

The ClosetMaid shelf track system is one way to add shelving in closets and utility rooms. This helps with organization in smaller spaces. The shelf track systems uses a solid hanging bar at the top that provides a hanging point for the shelving unit. The track system enables you to adjust shelves according to your changing needs. A homeowner can quickly install a ClosetMaid shelf track system.

  1. Position the hang track as close to the ceiling as possible. There is usually a header board behind the wall that gives a secure anchoring point for the track. The hang track is the wide portion of track. Place a level across the bottom of the hang track to ensure it is level. Secure the hang track to the wall with 2-inch wood screws. Install the screws with a cordless driver to reduce hand fatigue.

  2. Slide a stud finder across the wall below the hang track and find studs that are within the spread of the hang track. Mark stud locations with a pencil. Position the notched end of the standards into the hang bracket. The standards are the vertical pieces that the shelf brackets fit into for the wire shelving.

  3. Position the standards so that there is no more than 24 inches between them and no more than 4 inches from the end of the shelves. Attempt to position one or more standards directly over wall studs for a more secure attachment.

  4. Install 2-inch screws through the center holes of the standard with a cordless driver or Phillips screwdriver when securing to a stud. Install screws every 18 inches starting from the top of the standard. If mounting into hollow drywall, mark the mounting holes and remove the standard.

  5. Drill holes at the mounting hole marks with a drill bit the same diameter as the collapsed toggle bolt wings. Install toggle bolts through the standard and thread the wings onto the back of the bolts. Hook the top of the standard into the hang bracket and insert the toggle wings through the holes in the wall. Tighten the toggle bolts with a Phillips screwdriver.

  6. Cut the wire shelving to size with a hacksaw. Insert the notches of the shelf brackets into the slots on the standard at the desired height. Place shelf brackets in the same location on each standard supporting the shelf.

  7. Place the wire shelving on the shelf brackets. Push the wire on the back of the shelving into slots on the rear of the brackets and lower the front of the shelving into slots on the front of the brackets. Place plastic protective tips over the ends of the wire.