GE Profile Performance Refrigerator Shelf Installation

Kenneth Crawford

Refrigerators use a combination of shelves and storage drawers to store your foods. The GE Profile Performance is no different. The Profile Performance uses an adjustable track system on the rear wall of the unit to allow you to move shelves where you prefer. It is also possible to add extra shelves should you need them. GE Profile Performance shelf installation is a quick process, requiring no special tools. Replacement shelves are available through GE authorized dealers.

  1. Open the GE Profile Performance refrigerator door. Remove the contents of the shelf you want to move and install the shelf in a different location. If you are adding a shelf, remove the contents form the shelf below where you wish to install a shelf.

  2. Grasp the front of the shelf with your fingers and lift up, if moving an existing shelf. Place a hand under the rear of the shelf and pull it completely out of the refrigerator. Lift the end of the shelf bracket and unhook the bracket from the rear bracket support.

  3. Insert the top hook of the shelf bracket into the desired hole on the rear bracket support. Lower the front end of the bracket to engage the lower tab in the support. Install the opposite shelf bracket onto the opposite shelf support in the same hole. One way to ensure an even installation is to count holes from the top of the bracket to the next bracket above. There should be an equal number of empty holes on both sides.

  4. Insert the rear of the shelf into the refrigerator over the rear of the shelf brackets. Lower the front of the shelf over the brackets.