Different Ways to Put a Sectional Sofa

Sectional sofas are a versatile furniture option. Sectionals offer a large amount of space for seating, socializing and reclining, and they can be arranged to suit your needs from moment to moment. If you're going to be pulling your sectional apart and putting it back together, or pushing it across the room occasionally to switch up your style and decor, put cushions under your sofa legs so you don't damage your floor.

Against the Wall

There are numerous ways to set up your sectional.

Because sectional sofas take up a large amount of room, many decorators place the sectional against the wall to make room for other furniture, as well as a clear path for room traffic. Place a coffee table in front of your sectional and end tables on both sides to keep remote controls, magazines, refreshments and lamps in easy reach. If you have an air vent or radiator on the wall behind your sectional, pull the couch out about a foot so it won't inhibit ventilation or cause a fire hazard.

Apart from the Wall

In large rooms, your sectional sofa could fare better apart from the wall. Arrange a seating area in the middle of the room, using a large area rug as your guide. Place your sectional on one side of the area rug, flanked by end tables. Put a coffee table in the middle of the rug, an additional couch or loveseat opposite the sectional and armchairs between the sectional and the couch facing the coffee table. This setup facilitates conversation and relaxation for a large group of people.


L-shaped sectionals fit well on two walls. Put the long part of the L-shape on one wall and the short part of the L-shape against the adjacent wall. This is ideal for sectionals that have a chaise or ottoman attached; leave enough space for foot traffic around the room, and keep entry and exit points clear.


You don't have to keep your sectional in one piece. Play with the arrangement by leaving the sections apart; you can let the loveseat face the three-seat couch across a coffee table, or you can put each section against adjacent walls. You can also let the chaise or recliner stand alone. Mix and match until you find an arrangement that suits you best.