Are Flip or No-Flip Mattresses Better?

To flip or not to flip? Both one-sided and double-sided mattresses have their own sets of benefits and drawbacks. Two-sided mattresses are heavy and cumbersome, but single-sided mattresses might have to be replaced before you get your money's worth. Deciding which is better requires thinking about the issue from both sides and then asking yourself a key question: Were you going to flip the mattress anyway?


You can only use one side of a no-flip mattress.

According to Furniture Today, Simmons mattress company was the first to introduce no-flip mattresses into the bedding market, in 2000. Traditionally, mattresses were made with sleeping materials on both sides. As one side begins to bulge and sag from body impressions made from traditional wear and tear, mattress owners can flip the the mattress over to the flat side, and even out the pressure. No-flip mattresses are manufactured with sleeping materials on only one side and block foam on the other.

To Flip

Flipping your mattress doubles the amount of time it can be used, giving you a fresh start with a comfortable sleeping surface. Double-sided mattresses also allow you to flip nasty stains out of sight. The act of flipping the mattress can be difficult, however. Mattresses are heavy, hard to grasp and difficult to maneuver. The act of flipping can also be a hassle; you have to strip the bed, move other furniture and knickknacks out of the way to keep from accidentally breaking anything, and you have to keep the mattress low, careful not to damage ceiling fixtures. Most people aren't strong enough to flip their mattresses alone and have to enlist help, and elderly, handicapped or injured individuals have to rely on others totally to have their mattresses flipped.

Not to Flip

No-flip mattresses eliminate the hassle involved with flipping a two-sided mattress. Some consumers fear they're wasting money by purchasing a one-sided mattress, because they can be used only as long as one side remains comfortable. An article in Furniture Today reports that non-flip mattresses are higher quality than two-sided mattresses. This statement implies that one side of a no-flip mattress will last as long as both sides of a two-sided mattress, but that determination is based solely on individual consumer experience. Cases will vary.


Two-sided mattresses, although increasingly hard to find, deliver more value for your dollar. They're like buying two mattresses in one -- as soon as one side gets uncomfortable, you can start over on the other side. Even if you're not keen on having to flip over your mattress, you might decide it's better to have the option rather than having to go out and purchase a mattress all over again.

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