Different Ways to Setup a Sectional

Kesha Ward

All you need is space and you can arrange your sectional to fit your design needs. Sectionals are often one of the heaviest pieces of furniture in a home and moving it may be a daunting task. In order to avoid ruining your floors, place cushions under the legs of the sectional. Arrange you sofa in a way that will make the room inviting and where seating allows for comfortable socializing.

Spaced Out

There are numerous ways to set up a sectional.

Change your sectional arrangement by separating the pieces. You can create a traditional living room design by putting the larger sofa portion against the wall. The love seat can face the larger sofa and the area can be divided by a coffee table or ottoman. You may also be able to space the sectional out by moving each piece on opposite sides of the room. The middle piece can be used as standalone seating in another part of the room.

Against the Wall

Sectionals can take up a great deal of space and keeping the backs of the sectional against the wall will allow you to optimize your space in the middle of the room. A coffee table can be placed in from of the sectional and end tables on either side. The key is to not block any entry ways or windows with this setup.

Traditional "L" Shape

If you are working with limited space, leaving the sectional attached in an "L" shape may be best. The "L" shape design allows the long part of sectional to sit on one wall and the short in on an adjacent wall or in open space. The "L" shape setup is ideal for sectionals that have an attached ottoman or chaise. This design also leaves ample space for foot traffic.

Minus the Middle

To optimize space, you can take out the middle piece of your sectional and put the two ends together. This design will not work well if the two connecting pieces are different heights. If the two pieces are the same height, line each piece up next to each other and create a long horizontal design. This setup is ideal if you have a wide area and would like to have ample space in the middle of the floor.