The Warning Signs of a Structural Defect in a House

Whether you are buying or remodeling a home, it is essential to determine whether the house has any serious structural defects. Structural problems in a house can cost thousands of dollars to fix and may even put you at risk by causing your home to become structurally unsound. Learning to recognize the warning signs of structural defects can save you a lot of time and hassle.

Foundation Problems

Structural damage can be easy to see in some cases.

Foundation problems can be one of the most serious types of structural defects. Warning signs that your house may have foundational damage include cracks in the walls, plaster or brick work, or cracks that are visible in the basement. You may also see damaged windows and door frames, or damage on exterior walkways and structures that have external contact with the house.

The Roof

When it comes to the roof, look for missing shingles, sagging and bulging. Other signs include a roof that appears off center or does not give the impression of lining up properly with the rest of the home.

Walls and Floors

Walls and flooring that sag can be signs of support beam problems, termites or decay caused by flooding or other issues.

Other Problems

Poor drainage in sinks, tubs and toilets may be a sign of structural flaws or defects, as can septic system back-ups, flooding and sewage odors in or around the home. Other possible warning signs include windows that will not open, doors that do not fit in their frames properly, mold, rot, termites, swollen walls and high heating and cooling costs.