The Light I Replaced on My Genie Garage Door Opener Is Not Working

Genie garage door openers provide convenience and safety while transitioning between your home and vehicles. This benefit diminishes when it becomes necessary to drive in and out, stop and park, walk around and perform other maneuvers in a dark garage. This situation rapidly turns from an advantageous situation to a potentially hazardous condition, so quickly troubleshooting the cause of a nonworking replacement light in the garage is important for safety reasons.

Incorrect Replacement

Sometimes replacement bulbs are faulty in garage door openers.

Incorrectly replacing the light may prevent the Genie garage door opener from working. The Genie Company recommends using only a rough service light bulb with the wattage specified in the owner’s manual. Failure to follow these specifications may hinder the light from working. Incorrectly installing the light into the socket will cause it to fail.

Loose Wire

A loose wire connection can prohibit the replacement light from working. The wire running from the light socket to the circuit board may be either faulty or loose. In any event, this interruption in the flow of electricity will result in a lack of communication in the components that feed power to the light bulb. The other alternative is to consider checking the light bulb, as it may have a blown filament.

Dead Battery

A dead battery in the remote may also prevent the garage door opener light from working. Once the battery dies, the remote control cannot activate any of the garage door functions, which includes remotely turning on the lights. However, replacing the batteries in the remote should solve this problem.

Dirty Contacts

Dusty or dirty contacts can hinder the garage door light from coming on. Debris and dirt can settle in the light socket and hinder the contacts from making a complete connection. While cleaning the inside of the socket will normally solve this problem, any signs of erosion will require replacing the socket. Clean the socket with the unit unplugged.

Other Considerations

Genie garage door openers have an average life expectancy of eight to ten years. These numbers vary depending on the degree and extent of usage by each consumer. Some garage door openers may only last for five years, while others are operational for a quarter of a century. However, for maximum performance, Genie recommends replacing older garage door openers.

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