ADT Interior vs. Exterior Sirens

Few things generate an immediate sense of fear and danger like knowing intruders have entered your home or that your home is on fire. ADT home security systems are relied upon nationwide to protect the occupants of houses, apartments, commercial establishments and their belongings. ADT interior and exterior sirens alert dwellers that something is wrong, and notify the police or fire department simultaneously.


ADT sirens can be heard inside and outside a home.

The ADT touch pad is a key feature, and, in many ways, functions as the “brains” of the home security system. The touch pad is a wall-mounted unit that owners use to activate the system so that it is prepared to alarm when triggered. If a door or window contact is broken, or an interior motion sensor is breached, an audible alarm will go off in the home. ADT systems can be customized to include a two-way intercom. If an interior, or exterior, siren goes off, the voice of a live ADT security representative will come over the intercom to ask the homeowners about their safety and confirm that help is on the way from the police. ADT smoke sensors sound off if a fire is detected. ADT representatives are alerted and the fire department will be called.


ADT systems include the installation of motion detectors, door and window contacts, barrier bars and glass-break detectors. Should any be activated, exterior sirens will go off. ADT also offers prerecorded voice sirens, as opposed to a sound alarm, to demand intruders to stop their activities and inform them that the police are on the way.

Remote Siren Activation

ADT provides a product option called ADT Pulse so that customers can arm and disarm their home security siren system remotely. The Pulse product uses a wireless modular device called a Z-wave. The Z-wave device connects to a remote device such as a laptop or mobile phone. For example, if an owner forgets to arm the security system before leaving home, she can turn it on from her computer at work or from her mobile phone. The Pulse system can also be set up for video monitoring of the interior and exterior of the home. Customers also receive an email or text alert if an interior or exterior siren is activated or a smoke detector goes off.


Depending upon the type of ADT system installed, the owner will have the opportunity to cancel a siren alarm that was activated from the interior or exterior of the home. If the siren is not cancelled, ADT will contact the appropriate local authorities, such as the police or fire department. Owners can also opt to have an emergency contact person, such as a neighbor, relative or friend notified that the home siren was activated and the authorities have been dispatched to the home. Fire sirens are purposely loud and can be heard on both the inside and outside of the home.

Differences and Considerations

An exterior siren goes off outside of the home; however, you can also hear it inside of the home. The reverse is true of an interior siren; however, the sound level will not be very pronounced outside of the home. The advantage of having audible sirens, whether the sound is louder inside or outside, is debatable. On one hand, the siren lets intruders know that police have been alerted, which may deter them from taking any further action, while some intruders may still proceed. Audible exterior sirens are also beneficial if you live in a populated neighborhood with neighbors close by, as they will hear the alarm; however, the audibility of the siren may be marginally beneficial if you live in a remote area where neighbors’ homes are out-of-range.