Colors That Coordinate With Chocolate Brown

Casual and homey in its chic, chocolate brown is finding its way into people's homes and wedding festivities. The steadiness, reliability and coziness of chocolate brown make it an appealing color, and when combined with other colors, it can set them off to advantage. While it can coordinate well with many colors, chocolate brown should not be used if you want a light, bright effect.


Rich and inviting, chocolate brown makes you feel at home.

Chocolate brown and pink is a combination that works for wedding favors and decor, inviting a sense of opulence, comfort and prettiness. The striking contrast between the dark brown and a pale pink or vivid fuchsia gives an unexpected verve to both colors.


Blue, in shades of powder blue, French blue or robin's egg blue, can be a good counterpoint to chocolate brown. The cool of the blue complements the warmth and richness of the brown, with the result that the blue "pops" and appears less muted. Adding other neutrals such as white can enhance an overall sense of freshness.


Green and chocolate brown are a natural combination, found in nature, and in a color scheme, might take the form of chocolate brown against celadon or mint green. Weddings can incorporate these cool yet earthy combinations in favors, invitations and decorations.

Yellow, Gold, Orange

Earth tones like yellow, ochre, rust, gold and orange also go well with chocolate brown, mimicking as they do the colors of nature. For a fall wedding, chocolate brown and burnt orange echo the changing season. Chocolate against yellow recalls the look of forsythia, with the cheery tones of that flower.


As a neutral color itself, chocolate brown can replace black, and be paired with other neutrals such as taupe. Taupe and chocolate brown give a minimalist effect combining cool and warm, with a sense of pared-down simplicity.

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