The Best Cleaners for Granite Countertops

Granite counter tops are tough. They are difficult to scratch or burn and easy to maintain. The best cleaners for granite counter tops are simple cleaning products like everyday dish-washing detergent.

Everyday Cleaning

Granite counter tops are easy and economical to clean using dish-washing soap.

Combine few drops of everyday, not-too-strong detergent dish-washing soap with warm to hot water. If possible, use distilled water rather than tap water. Spray and use a soft cloth or sponge to wipe your granite counter top. Use hot water for stubborn marks. Use a paste made with flour added to the dish-washing soap and water to remove stubborn built-up grit. Thoroughly rinse and dry your granite counter tops, using a fresh soft cloth to prevent water spots.

Deeper Cleaning

For deeper granite cleaning, use a simple stone cleaner that is natural and safe to use. Do not use anything abrasive, corrosive or acidic. And even though vinegar and lemon are good cleaners for other things, do not use vinegar on granite because it is acidic. Ammonia can be used only sparingly because it can dull granite over time.

Removing Stains

Apply hydrogen peroxide or acetone with a clean rag to remove stains. Apply small amounts and spot-test first to avoid discoloring your granite counter top. For more stubborn stains, mix baking soda with warm water, rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide or acetone. Dampen the part of the granite that is stained and then spread the paste over the stain. Leave it for a day or two, remove, rinse and wipe your granite dry.


Polish granite counter tops naturally with a chamois on a clean, damp surface or make a polish with 1/4 cup baking soda to 3 cups water. Apply with a soft sponge, wipe up excess liquid and then buff with a chamois.