Colors for the Living Room That Match a Light Wood Floor

Hardwood floors are classic and attractive additions that increases the value of a home, and light-colored wood can give the home a timeless or even demure appearance. Several wall and furniture colors will complement light hardwood floors in the living room well; you can choose from these light or dark hues based on your decorative tastes and the theme of the space.


Lightly colored hardwood floors pair well with pastels.

The clean, fresh impression that white gives a living room leaves you with a clean canvas to decorate with either bright or subdued colors. Paint the walls in your living room ivory to complement the light wood flooring, or include a white piece of furniture, like a curio cabinet or love seat, in the room to directly contrast the wood. Large, elaborate white flower arrangements, or a white, plush throw rug on the floor will be especially noticeable in a living room with light wood. Add bright colors like magenta throw pillows, or softer shades like pastel pink curtains, to complete the living room decor.

Tan or Brown

Shades of brown or tan blend well with light wood flooring, and add a sense of comfort and reliability to the living room when painted on the walls. Brown throw blankets on the armchairs or love seats are an appropriate addition to the space, along with large, leather throw pillows in darker shades of brown like chocolate or nutmeg for the living room floor; pillows made of suede, velvet, and leather will also add texture to the room and provide more of a pleasant visual contrast against the wooden flooring.


Pastel colors like pistachio green, creamy shades of yellow, and soft pink are gentle and calming additions to a living room with lightly colored hardwood floors. Light pink curtains, floral centerpieces of potpourri featuring shades of lavender or yellow, or a pastel green area rug can even give the living a Victorian style feel, particularly when you add elaborate photos of flowers housed in silver or gold frames. Patterned pillows for the couch and armchairs that feature stripes or roses are suitable for a living room with a romantic feel.

Shades of Blue

Blue, the shade that represents the sky and water, is a "cool" color that adds an air of tranquility to the living room. Sheer blue curtains make the room airy and light, and a soft blue couch with cobalt and navy blue pillows can serve as the focal piece in the room. Blue furniture, like a grandfather clock accented with blue, or a set of pastel blue end tables on either side of the sofa, are visually appealing against a light wooden floor; lamps with dark blue shades on top of the end tables can serve as the finishing touch in a blue-themed living room.