Genie Pro Max Remote Parts

Elizabeth Warner

Genie Pro Max garage door openers were introduced in 1993. They were engineered to be very durable but also very quiet. The Pro Max line is only available through professional garage door dealers. It has never been released into the retail market. The remote devices that are compatible with the Pro Max units are available both through garage door dealers and retail hardware stores. Pro Max units are compatible with a wide variety of remote devices that, when programmed into the units, can activate the garage doors.

Fixed Code Hand-Held Remotes and Keypads

The early Pro Max units (PMX 60, PMX 65, PMX 75, PMX 80, PMX 85, PMX 700 and PMX 1200) operated remote devices using dipswitch (i.e., fixed code) technology. With fixed code technology, a set code is transmitted from a remote or wireless keypad to the receiver circuit board on the Pro Max unit. This signal causes the garage door to open or close. The hand-held remote that will operate these early units is a GT 912. The compatible wireless keypad is a GWK-12.

Intellicode Hand-Held Remotes

All Pro Max units made after 1995 (the PMX 300-IC, PMX 300-IC/B, PMX 500-IC and PMX 500-IC/B) operate off of Intellicode technology. With Intellicode, or rolling code technology, the remote device and the receiver circuit board in the Pro Max unit decide on a new code each time a signal is transmitted to open or close the door. Genie Intellicode remotes come with either one or three buttons. People with multiple doors can use the three-button remote to open more doors with just one remote. An Intellicode remote has a small key chain attachment. It also comes with visor clips if you prefer to keep your remote on your car visor.

Intellicode Wireless Keypads

The Genie wireless keypad is another remote device compatible with post-1995 Pro Max units. The Genie wireless keypad mounts on the outside of the garage door. The correct number code on the keypad will activate the garage door. There are two types of Genie wireless Intellicode keypads: the GWK-IC and the GWKP. Both will work with post-1995 Pro Max units. The GWK-IC is black with a slide-up lid and square buttons. The GWKP is off-white, with a lid that flips open on hinges. It has round buttons.

All of the Pro Max units are compatible with the HomeLink remote system. HomeLink is a three-button remote operating system built into components of certain cars. Most HomeLink systems are built into car visors. Others are built into rear-view mirrors or overhead consoles. You can program your Pro Max to the HomeLink system as long as you have a hand-held remote that also operates the door. HomeLink will take both rolling and fixed code signals.