Are Hot Pink & Fuchsia Almost the Same Color?

Hot pink and fuchsia are similar, but the difference in their "temperature" -- one is hot, but one is cool -- means that how you decorate with each varies.

If you tint red with white in various amounts, you'll get an array of pink hues, including hot pink. Fuchsia, however, is purplish pink or pink mixed with a little cool blue. The two vibrant shades often are thought of as almost the same color, but their slight differences matter at least a little when you're decorating.

Hot Vs Cool

Decorating With Hot Pink

All shades of bright pink are warm and energizing, meaning they're generally impractical for bedroom or bathroom design. Use this vivid color as upholstery on statement-piece furniture or for a feature wall in any room where you're after a modern, welcoming, invigorating effect, such as a family room or entryway. Colors to pair with hot pink include:

Decorating With Fuchsia

Just because fuchsia is a bit cooler than hot pink doesn't mean that it's bedroom friendly -- mainly, it's a warm, energy-loaded shade. If you plan to use it in a bedroom, do so in small doses, such as on dresser pulls or printed white bedding. Otherwise, employ it as you would hot pink -- for contemporary snappiness. Color pairing suggestions for fuchsia include:

Although they aren't listed in The Color Standards Reference Guide of America, hot pink and fuchsia commonly describe bright pinkish decor, such as fabric and paint shades. In the unofficial color world, hot pink is typically like revved-up -- more saturated or redder -- bubble gum or liquid-antacid pink. Fuchsia gets its name from the pinkish purple -- or red-violet -- fuchsia flower; the blue tinge makes fuchsia slightly cooler than hot pink.

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