Maytag Performa Gas Range Oven Is Making a Poofing Sound

Meredith Jameson

The Maytag Performa gas range boasts a self-cleaning oven, pilotless ignition, sealed gas burners, burner power boost feature, clock, timer and a control lock. The oven is sold with a limited warranty to help users who experience problems that need service or repair, but the homeowner can resolve some. If the oven is making a poofing sound, some investigation and troubleshooting might be useful.

Gas Valve

Some sounds are a normal part of operating a gas range, including the Maytag Performa. When the oven or range is turned on and begins to heat, a poofing sound may be heard as the gas valve opens and turns on. The same sound can be heard when the gas turns off and the gas valve closes after the oven or range is turned off and cooling begins.


The oven often makes a whooshing or poofing sound when the oven ignites to turn on the heat inside the oven. In addition, when the metal inside the oven expands and contracts because of the heat, it can sound like popping or poofing. This is also normal and not indicative of a problem.


When the broil burner ignites, it often sounds like a whoosh or poof. As with the range or oven bake features, this is a normal sound of the gas turning on and the element heating. It does not require repair.


If the oven makes a poofing sound when the stove top, oven or broiler is turned on and the oven does not heat as expected, turn it off. Wait several seconds and attempt to relight the desired feature. If another noise is heard but it does not ignite or heat, turn off the oven and contact Maytag for assistance.