Problems with Mobile Home Exterior Doors

Living in a mobile home means you have to keep an eye out for the common problems associated with their construction.

Water Leakage

Thin walls, metal siding, poor quality windows and leaky doors are just a few of the problems mobile homeowners face. Once you address the exterior door problems, your mobile home will feel more like a house.

A common problem with mobile home doors is water leakage. This issue is seldom noticed until a downpour or snow accumulates on the leaky area. One cost efficient way to fix this problem is to install a small eave over every exterior door. Sealing the seams well with weatherproof caulking will prevent further leakage.

Loss of Heat and Air

Mobile home doors, especially on older models, often allows cool or warm air to escape, which means larger heating and cooling bills for owners. Remedy this problem by installing weather stripping at the base and foam seals around the edges of each door. For even better energy conservation, install an energy efficient door.


Metal doors, like those found in many mobile homes, produce condensation. This water runs down the door, collecting at its base. Over time, all of that water will lead to rot in not only the door area but also the floor surrounding it. Prevent this problem by drying the door whenever condensation begins to collect. Solve the problem by installing a door that does not collect condensation.

Cheap Looking

Mobile home doors often look cheap. When planning a nice home, this poses a problem. The door is one of the first things visitors see when entering your home. If purchasing a new door is out of the question, use exterior paints to make the door more attractive. Preparing the surface by lightly sanding it and wiping it down with alcohol helps paint to adhere better.


Many mobile home doors offer scant security. In cases of home invasions, doors made from thin aluminum with Styrofoam centers are easily kicked in. For the best security, install a solid wood door. Reinforcing the doors' framework will also help keep your home secure.