Nikken Aqua Pour Water System Instructions

The Nikken PiMag Aqua Pour is a home water filtration system released in 2005. The Aqua Pour is a standalone filtration system that filters one pitcher of water at a time. Tap water is placed in the machine and runs through filters to purify the water, making it safer for you and your family.


Several steps must be taken before using the Aqua Pour water filtration system. Take all of the pieces of the unit out of the packaging and remove any plastic or paper wrapped around the pieces. Dampen a soft cloth with warm water and mild detergent and wipe off the fill tank and the pitcher to remove any dust or debris that gathered in shipping. Rinse both thoroughly with warm water. Place the fill tank in the top of the unit.

Next, rinse the filter cartridge under running water for several seconds. Make sure the cartridge is completely rinsed off. Place the cartridge in the tank, taking care to place the rubber ring firmly on the top of the cartridge.

Run water over the microsponge filter until it is soft and place it in the top of the filter cartridge. Press down on the microsponge several times to release any trapped air. The water filtration unit is now ready to use.

Flushing the Unit

Before using the Aqua Pour for the first time or anytime after a new filter is installed, flush out the system. Flushing the system is the same process as filtering your water, with the exception that you will dump the filtered water instead of drinking it. To flush the system, pour water into the fill tank, taking care to only use cold water and to not fill it past the maximum fill line. Open the door on the front of the unit and place the pitcher in the compartment. When the pitcher clicks in place, the flow valve on the Aqua Pour is automatically opened and the water moves through the filter from the fill tank and into the pitcher. Once the pitcher is full, dump the water and repeat the process. Always flush the unit twice when a new filter is placed in the Aqua Pour.

The Aqua Pour can be used as normal following the second flushing process.

Maintaining the Aqua Pour

One key feature of the Aqua Pour system is that it rarely requires maintenance. The filter cartridge is good for approximately 1,000 filtration cycles. The microsponge filter can be cleaned by removing it from the filter cartridge and running it under water. Note that you should not use any cleaning products on the microsponge filter.

Finally, clean the fill tank on occasion by removing the microsponge and filter cartridge. Wash the tank with warm water and detergent and rinse thoroughly before using the device again.

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