Proper Use of Moving Straps

Moving straps are a handy addition to any mover's arsenal.

Moving Basics

If you have a household of furniture to move or just a few items, these straps will make your job easier by allowing you and a partner to transport heavy items without straining and bending over. Although they can't be used in every situation, they'll lighten your load on moving day.

When moving an item, it's wise to make sure the path you'll be following is clear and can accommodate the item. Have an assistant standing by to open doors or stop traffic. Wear appropriate safety gear, such as leather gloves, a back brace and steel-toed boots. The most important tool when moving heavy items is communication: confirm with your moving partner when lifting, meeting with problems and setting down.

Using the Straps

Moving straps take a few minutes to properly adjust. With your moving partner, arrange the straps so they go under the object and support it completely. Tip heavy items to slide the straps underneath. For items with a flat base, such as home appliances, crisscross the straps so you and your partner are both holding the same strap in your left and right hands. Keep the straps parallel when moving items with sturdy legs such as dressers or armoires.

Insert your arms into the openings of the strap. Some brands of lifting straps have multiple openings: choose the one that lets you keep your arms at the level of your shoulders when the item is lifted. The strap should rest completely on your forearm, just above the elbow. Bend your knees slightly and place your palms against the item to be moved with your arms at a 45 degree angle to the face of the item. Keep your back straight. When your partner is also ready to lift, slowly straighten your legs. Slowly carry the item to the desired destination. Check with your partner and slowly bend your knees to lower the object to the ground. Remove the straps.


Some items shouldn't be moved with straps. The straps could slip when moving irregularly shaped heavy items such as bathtubs, putting you and your partner in danger. Despite the advertising for this product, many home users don't feel comfortable when moving heavy objects up or down stairs. When moving a piece of furniture up a flight of stairs, stop below the staircase and let the stronger person follow his partner up the stairs. Keep the item level and readjust the straps at the top and bottom of the staircase as necessary.

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