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Alternative to Ceiling Fans

Julie Bawden-Davis
Table of Contents

Ceiling fans may do a good job of cooling the air, but they’re not the only option when you want some air circulation in your home. It’s possible to get a portable fan that performs all of the functions of a ceiling fan, and sometimes more.

Alternative to Ceiling Fans

Rooms with good air circulation tend to feel refreshing and comfortable. Circulating air can cool you off when the weather is warm, and in the cold months of the year when the windows are closed, air movement can improve a stuffy situation. If you want the benefits of circulating air but prefer not to install ceiling fans, you have accessible and affordable alternatives for creating airflow in your home.

Box Fan

If you want a lot of airflow, try a box fan. These relatively inexpensive fans usually feature three speeds, the highest of which provides a significant amount of air movement. Box fans usually have a handle, which makes it easy to move them around the house. If you like your surroundings quiet, keep in mind that box fans tend to be one of the noisiest types of fan.

Window Fan

If the outdoor air is cooler than the interior air, a window fan is a suitable choice. This type of fan sits in your window and draws in cool air. Some models feature reversible airflow, which means you can also push hot air out. Many window fans come with a remote control that allows you to turn the unit on and off and adjust the airflow.

Desk Fan

Smaller fans that fit easily on your desk and other surfaces may be compact, but they can circulate a substantial amount of air. Many desk fans have the ability to oscillate, which means you can set the main compartment to turn back and forth. This provides more air circulation in the room. Desk fans are easy to move around the home.

Stand Fan

Consisting of a large oscillating fan atop a long stand, stand fans are very efficient at circulating air throughout an entire room. They save space because they can be placed in room corners and other out-of-the-way locations. Most stand fans feature three speeds and tend to be relatively quiet. You’ll find models with remote controls that enable you to adjust the speed from across the room.

Tower Fan

In addition to providing a significant amount of airflow, these sleek, modern fans are space saving and fit into just about any home. Tower fans may be compact, but they deliver a powerful airflow. They also oscillate, which keeps air flowing, and have an ionizer feature designed to clean the air as they run.

Misting Fan

If you’re trying to cool off a home with dry air, a misting fan is an ideal choice. Such fans spray a fine mist along with distributing air. The mist elevates the humidity in the room. This tends to make the environment more comfortable.