Assembly Instructions for a 10x10 Tent Gazebo

Laura Leiva

If you enjoy entertaining but don’t have a covered space outdoors, assembling a tent gazebo is an ideal solution. Once you set up the tent, you are able to easily place chairs and tables underneath for outdoor dining or simply set up comfortable chairs for a social area.

As long as you have the adequate space to accommodate the tent gazebo, setup takes only a few minutes.

  1. Choose a location for your tent gazebo, and designate the center of the space to assemble the gazebo.

  2. With a partner, grab opposite sides of the folded frame. Lift the frame up slightly from the ground, and pull the frame apart until both of you are standing with extended arms. The frame will be slightly pulled apart for you to place the tent upon.

  3. Unfold the tent portion of the gazebo and pass it over the top of the frame. Secure the corners of the tent to the frame by attaching the hooks and loops at each corner together. Once the tent is in place, line up the provided holes in the tent to the bolts located on the top of the frame. With a coin, slightly tighten the top attachment over the grommets provided in the tent.

  4. Resume your position on one side of the frame, with your partner opposite of you. Place both hands on the bottom of the diamond trusses, away from any hinges to avoid pinching yourself. Pull the frame out until it is fully extended.