10-by-10 Bedroom Makeover Ideas

Elizabeth Smith

A 10-foot-by-10-foot bedroom is very small, and it can be difficult to find furniture and decor that will give personality to such a small space without overcrowding it.

Sheer curtains let in a lot of light and make a small bedroom seem larger.

As you look for furniture and design items for your bedroom makeover, focus on function and keep design and colors simple to keep the room looking open and light.

Sheer Curtains

By using partially see-through curtains, you increase the appearance of space in your bedroom. Sheer curtains let in a maximum amount of light and continue your line of sight even when closed, giving the illusion of more space.

Minimal Furniture

Instead of trying to squeeze many pieces of furniture into your bedroom, keep it simple to make the most of the space you have and avoid overcrowding. Make the bed the focal point, and stick to one or two small side tables. If you must store items such as books in the bedroom, use wall-mounted shelves to free up limited floor space.


To lift the eye and give the sense of a high ceiling, install a ceiling-mounted canopy above your bed. Drape it with light, flowing material and select a simple ceiling mount to keep it looking clean.

Light Colors

Light colors open up a space, whereas dark colors tend to make a room feel smaller, creating a cave-like atmosphere. Pale or pastel colors help create a bright, airy feeling. Use light wall paint, light-colored furniture, and light shades of bedding for the cleanest, most open look.

Furniture with Multiple Functions

Use a futon-type bed that slides up to become a sofa; during the day it can function as a seating area and free up floor space, but it pulls out to become a full-size bed at night.

Low-Contrast Colors

High-contrast colors create stark visual separations between areas, which breaks up a space visually. To create a smooth look that maximizes the illusion of space, stick to shades of the same color for the majority of the room. If you want to use bright colors as accents, choose just one or two. Pillows, headboards, lamps, and candles work well to bring in small amounts of bright colors.


Use wall-mounted mirrors. A single mirror placed opposite a window reflects light throughout a room and adds a feeling of depth. Place a small shelf underneath the mirror and use it in place of a dressing table to free up additional space.

Multiple Sources of Lighting

A lot of light makes any room feel larger; dark bedrooms seem smaller. Use hanging lamps to free up floor space and raise the eye upward to give the impression of higher ceilings. Alternately, select standing floor lamps with small bases.