The Best Ways to Store DVDs

You prepare to watch your favorite movie on DVD. As you prepare to put the DVD into the player, you notice there are some scratches on the surface. You begin to wonder about its manufacture. You know it can be scratched and destroyed. You wonder if you are storing your DVDs properly.

A properly kept DVD can be stored either upright or flat. The key is ensuring that the DVD “clicks” onto the button in the center of the case.

DVD 101

A DVD is created in four layers. A polycarbonate compound is used in the bottom layer, which is pressed into a circular shape and compressed to just a few millimeters thick. The next layer holds the recording and contains various metals, including zinc, silver, copper, and nickel. An adhesive or resin is then applied, giving protection to the recording. Finally, ink in the form of lettering and/or graphics is applied to the top layer. Although a DVD is capable of lasting for many years, it can be destroyed by not caring for it properly.

Jewel Cases

A jewel case is a hard or semi-hard plastic cover with a center button that grips the DVD, providing protection during storage. A jewel case comes in either a DVD size or a size to hold its smaller counterpart, a CD. The jewel cases can be stacked on end or laid on top of each other. If the DVD is not clicked on the button, it may come lose and cause scratches and damage to the surface.

Book Style

A book style DVD storage has plastic jackets to store the DVD. The jackets are coated with a soft material to protect the DVD during storage. However, you cannot use the original case in this type of storage. This is a good storage solution if the original case has been destroyed or lost.

Wire Racks

Racks are made to hold from 10 to several hundred DVDs in their storage cases all in one place. A rack can sit on the floor or on a television stand. Each slot in the rack will generally hold one DVD. Racks are made to hold DVDs either horizontally or vertically, and, in some cases, racks have both types of slots. The slot is made to hold the case so that the title is easily seen. In some racks, the smaller jewel case will not fit as neatly as a regular DVD case.

Wooden Racks

Wooden racks often take the combined aspect of a television stand. Some wooden storage units have drawers in which the DVDs can be stored on the long end, with the title facing upward. In other stands, the DVDs are stood on the short end, with the title facing out. They can be laid on top of each other, title side out. Some stands have sliding doors and shelves on the inside, so your DVD, VCR, and other media equipment can be kept in one place. The stands are made with various types of wood in order to meet almost any styling décor.

Unusual Storage

Some companies, such as Spinkeeper, offer unusual shapes for storing DVDs. The company offers a helix and tulip design, in addition to traditional wood and wire racks. Another online company, ErgoInDemand, offers a jukebox shaped design for storing DVDs, CDs and a television set.