How to Keep Picture Frames Straight on the Wall

Jay Darrington

A picture can easily brighten up any dull space in your house or apartment. It also can provide a conversation piece for visitors as well. If the picture is relatively big or heavy, however, it may not hang completely straight.

Picture frames stay straight with a few tricks.

If this is the case with your picture, consider a few things you can do to straighten it up and keep it at the proper level.

  1. Tighten the eye screws on the back of the frame that holds the picture-hanging wire, using a screwdriver or wrench. Hold up the wire; it should go no higher than halfway up the picture. A tight wire can help keep the picture level on the wall.

  2. Hammer one or two nails into the wall next to the nail that holds the picture frame. Secure the frame's wire on both nails. This distributes the weight, allowing the picture to be positioned more easily and stay straight.

  3. Place sticky-backed rubber feet on the corner on the back of the frame; the rubber surface will grip the wall. Another option is attaching two-sided adhesive pads to the back corners of the frame. Use a level to make sure the picture is straight, then press the frame to the wall; the corners will adhere, keeping the picture in place.

  4. Tip

    Picture hanging kits include adhesive pads and other tools.


    Some heavier pictures may need to be mounted to a wall stud, or else they will fall off or damage the wall. Use a stud finder to locate a stud.