How to Cut a Window Shade

Steve Bradley

Window shades offer the least expensive light control for a room's interior. A traditional roll-up window shade is manufactured fairly wide to accommodate the widest possible openings. While many larger home improvement stores will cut shades to size for you, many smaller stores and department stores do not.

Save a trip to a big box home store and cut them yourself.

  1. Measure the window opening you need the shade to cover. Measuring from bracket end to bracket end gives the most accurate size.

  2. Inspect the two ends of the shade. The mechanism on one end will have a small stationary pin. Use a small pair of pliers to remove the pin.

  3. Take off the barrel, which is what the shade is attached to. Use a small hand saw to cut the barrel to the desired width. The shade will hang on the cut section of the barrel. Use scissors to free shade from excess barrel.

  4. Unroll shade to its full length. With a ruler and a level mark off the new width, drawing a straight line the entire length of the shade. Use pencil so that no marks are erasable. Cut along the line with the scissors.

  5. Roll the shade back up and replace end mechanism, complete with stationary pin. Hang the shade in desired window.