Refinishing Veneer Kitchen Cabinets

Cadence Johansen

Many household kitchen cabinets are veneered. While veneered kitchen cabinets look beautiful, they can also become worn and damaged after time. It is impossible to sand down and stain a veneered kitchen cabinet. However, there is a way to refinish veneer kitchen cabinets.

Veneer kitchen cabinets

Doing this will instantly refresh your kitchen and is easy with a little bit of know-how.

  1. Use a screwdriver to remove the doors and molding on the cabinets. Once removed, use a cloth to clean the cabinets with water and mild soap.

  2. Lightly sand the cabinets with 150 grit sandpaper.

  3. Fill any depressions, chips or holes in the cabinets with wood putty. Sand smooth when dried.

  4. Measure, cut and attach a 1/4-inch plywood piece to the cabinet end panels. Attach with wood glue and finishing nails. Sand the plywood smooth so that it is flush with the cabinet front.

  5. Use scissors or a utility knife and straight edge to cut self-adhesive veneer. Be sure to cut the veneer 1/2 inch wider than the frame of the cabinet.

  6. Cover all visible areas of the cabinet with veneer, trimming the overlap of each piece as you go.

  7. Replace or veneer the cabinet doors in the same manner as the cabinets.

  8. Re-affix the cabinet doors to the frame, add molding to the cabinets.