How to Polish Marble & Granite

Marble and granite are natural stone products frequently used throughout the home. You may have marble or granite in your kitchen or bathroom as a counter top, throughout your home in tile floors or walls, or even as tops of tables. Occasionally, etching can mar the finish or shine.

Restore the polish to marble and granite with stone-care products.

If this etching is confined to small areas, such a counter, table or section of a floor, you can restore some of the polish through the use of stone-care products.

  1. Clean the stone well with a stone cleaner. Most stone cleansers are available in spray bottles. Spray the cleaner directly onto the stone and buff it dry with a lint-free cloth.

  2. Dampen a chamois with water and use it to buff the etched or dull areas of the marble or granite. The chamois will restore the shine if only minor scratching, etching or dulling has occurred.

  3. Apply a shine-enhancing sealer to the counter. Pour the sealer straight from the bottle onto the stone, and then continue to buff with the chamois. The chamois combined with the shine-enhancing sealant will restore a high gloss to the marble or granite, while providing a protecting layer of sealant that will help prevent further harm to the stone.