5 Small Entryway Decorating Ideas

Megan Beauchamp

Get inspired to make the most of your entryway with this roundup of beautifully styled spaces from Instagram.

After a long day of answering emails, drinking too much coffee and schlepping to and from the office, all you want to do when you get home is relax. But if your entryway is a dumping ground for every jacket and pair of shoes you own, then it's hard to leave your stress at the proverbial door when chaos is lurking behind your actual door. To inspire you to make the most of this oft-used space, we've collected a few beautifully styled entryways from our favorite designers on Instagram.

Make a Statement With an Oversized Mirror

You don't have to spend hours curating a gallery wall to create a warm and inviting entryway. You can take a minimalist approach and hang an oversized mirror as a statement piece. Not only will it make your entryway look bigger and brighter, but it will also take up almost zero space, leaving plenty of room for a stylish bench and houseplant.

Save Space With a Simple Bench

Skip the bulky, traditional entryway table, and opt for a simple bench to display your favorite artwork, books and plants instead. Be sure to include a catchall for your keys and trinkets in your beautiful vignette so your necessities are within arm's reach when you're rushing out the door. Pro tip: Rather than leaving your coat hooks bare during the warmer months, use them to display a collection of beautiful hats.

Current entry way situation, work in progress

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Add Greenery to Liven Up the Place

Your design efforts don't have to focus purely on furniture. You can also curate an indoor garden for your front-door space. Vary the heights of your plants to add visual interest, and even hang one or two for good measure. Trust us, filling your entryway with plants is the easiest way to ensure a smile as soon as you cross your threshold at the end of the day.

A few things we brought back from Austin. Loving my new euphorbia 🌡

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Clear Clutter With Wall-Mounted Storage

Between your office tote bag, everyday purse, occasional scarf and must-have jacket, you have a lot of stuff to hang up on the regular. Rather than dumping it all on your couch or coffee table, stow it in style on a wall-mounted coat rack. Choose one that fits the look and feel of your space, but when in doubt, you can never go wrong with a classic accordion-style piece!

Elevate Your Shoe Rack for Easy Organization

Convenient, meet cool. A floating shoe rack is an easy way to streamline your entryway, and a great way to show off your DIY prowess to your family, friends and the Seamless delivery guy. Hang a floating shelf to complete the motif and use it to store mail and other miscellaneous items. Organization never looked so good.