Ideas for Laminate Headboards

Sarah Schreiber

Laminate headboards come in a wide range of styles to fit all types of room décor and bed sizes. A low-cost alternative to wood, these headboards consist of particleboard covered in laminate. If this laminate covering isn’t in a color or design that matches your tastes, there are a number of options to take.

Laminate headboards may resemble wood.

Changing the appearance of the laminate headboard can transform your bedroom, adding new life to the area.


A coat of high-gloss acrylic paint in the color of your choice can renew the appearance of a laminate headboard. Painting options are seemingly unlimited. You could stick to a solid color that matches your nightstand and dresser for a traditional look, or use the space to create a colorful mural that spans the headboard length. You could also add painted designs around the headboard border instead of covering the whole thing. In a child’s bedroom, a coat of chalkboard paint can turn the headboard into an artistic canvas.


The art of decoupage, which involves attaching paper pictures to a hard surface, can add a customized feel to your laminate headboard. With decoupage, you may choose to only place a few select pictures or colorful paper pieces on the headboard or cover the entire thing, turning it into a collage. To use this technique, apply a layer of decoupage glue to the laminate surface. Press the paper pieces into place, and allow the glue to dry. Apply a second coat on top to seal in the paper on the laminate.

Upholstered Headboard

Using the old laminate headboard as a base, you can add upholstery for a comfortable surface on which to lean. Cut a piece of urethane foam to the size of the headboard. Apply a layer of spray adhesive to the surface, and press it into place. To cover the foam, create a slipcover made from fabric and slide it into place.

Magnetic Headboard

If you have a laminate headboard for a child’s room, you can turn it into something fun for him. Turn it into a magnetic headboard on which he can hang drawings, write out his name with magnetic letters or display a special collection. This project works best if you have a flat laminate headboard. Place it on the floor, and cover it with double-sided carpet tape. Cut a piece of a zinc-coated metal sheet to the proper size, and press it onto place over the tape. The child can then hang up his favorite things, changing the display as often as he likes.