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How do I Convert a Headboard King or Twin?

Sue Ake

A beautiful wood headboard adds depth and character to a bedroom. Finding the right headboard in the wrong size might seem like a major problem, but most wooden headboards easily work for different sizes of beds. The greatest size gap -- the king to twin, or the twin to king -- can even work in the right styles. Follow the simple style guide and conversion instructions to convert that almost-perfect headboard into the perfect headboard.

Twin to King

Converting headboards to fit a new bed size is an economical way to reuse an old headboard.
  1. Use two identical twin-size headboards. Stand the headboards against a wall. According to Dick Onians of the "Woodworker's Institute", to successfully join wood surfaces, rub the surfaces on a sheet of medium grade abrasive paper. Clean the sanded areas of any dust. Spread wood glue on the sanded surfaces of the two inside legs. Use wood clamps and clamp the headboards' legs tightly together until the glue has dried.

  2. Run wood screws through the bottom inner legs of the headboard, using a screwdriver, to further stabilize the unit.

  3. Attach the king-size bed frame to the headboard via the screw holes in the outer legs of the headboard. Should the holes in the headboard be too large for the screws that correspond with the bed frame, fill the hole in the headboard with wood filler and allow the filler to dry. Screw the frame to the headboard, screwing through the dried filler.

King to Twin

  1. Check the king-size headboard to determine if it can be cut in half and retain the look desired for the twin-size headboard.

  2. Measure the width of the king headboard and mark a line down the center of the headboard using a straight edge.

  3. Cut the headboard in half using the saw. Remove the outer leg from one half of the headboard, using the screwdriver to remove any screws. Saw through any glued joints.

  4. Apply glue to the removed leg. Press the leg up against the half of the headboard with a leg still attached. Clamp the pieces tightly together with a wood clamp and allow the wood glue to dry. Reinsert any screws removed from the leg when it was originally removed.