How to Build a Dance Studio at Home

How to Build a Dance Studio at Home. You can build a dance studio at home where you or your child can practice what you have learned in class. Perfecting your dance steps is easier if you have a convenient place to practice.


Don't dance on a concrete surface. It damages your joints.

  1. Decide on the best location either in a room in your house or a space in your garage for your at home dance studio. Consider a place where the noise won't be a problem. Determine how much space you need for practicing your style of dance.

  2. Lay a wood floor. You can lay it yourself to save money, or hire a company to install wood flooring. Depending on your dance style, you may want to top your wood floor with a marley covering which you can purchase from dance flooring websites.

  3. Hang mirrors along one wall. You can hire someone to install mirrors from a glass company in your area. You can also purchase glassless mirrors from a dance supply website. They offer wall hanging mirrors and rolling stand mirrors.

  4. Build ballet barres on the opposite wall from the mirrors. The cheapest method is to use handrails and brackets purchased from a home supply store. You can also buy ballet barres from a dance supply website. They offer brackets, barres and free-standing barres.

  5. Add a stereo system to your dance studio space. Turn up the volume and start dancing.