How to Deactivate Call Forwarding

Monica Patrick

Hanging out by the phone, waiting for a call, is not always an option. A fast-paced life does not allow you to waste time sitting at home. Sending your incoming calls to a cell phone or a phone at your new location will help you catch every important call. When you have returned home, deactivate your call forwarding.

Turn off your call forwarding to receive your phone calls on your primary phone.

Deactivating your call forwarding will allow you to pick up the handset at home and answer your calls regularly. Post the directions on a piece of note paper, and keep it close to your phone as a reminder.

  1. Pick up the phone receiver of your home phone. Listen for the hum of the dial tone.

  2. Press the asterisk key, then 7 and 3 on a touch-tone phone. (If you have a rotary phone, remove the call forwarding by dialing 1, 1, 7, 3. Then wait four seconds.) Listen for two consecutive indicator beeps.

  3. Hang up the phone. Your phone is now ready to receive incoming calls.