Floor Lamp Assembly Instructions

Amy Moore

When decorating a home or an apartment, few aspects have as great an effect over the feel of a room than the lighting. Floor lamps can add to the over-all atmosphere of a room and add great lighting to a space. Most floor lamps are easy to assemble and can be set up in just a few minutes without additional tools.

Floor lamps can add needed lighting to your rooms.

It's an easy addition to any room.

  1. Screw the upper lamp post into the middle lamp post.

  2. Screw the middle lamp post into the lower lamp post.

  3. Screw the bottom lamp post into the lamp post base.

  4. Attach the lamp shade by first pushing the light bulb protection ring onto the light bulb connector, followed by the lampshade protection ring and the lampshade holder ring. Place the lampshade onto the lampshade holder ring brackets and tighten.

  5. Screw a light bulb into the light bulb connector.


Do not plug the lamp into a socket until the lamp is fully assembled. Do not pinch the wiring within the lamp posts when connecting them together. Lamps are now fitted with polarized plugs--one plug is larger than the other. Insert the plug properly into the electrical outlet. Do not force the plug in. If the plug will not easily insert, contact a qualified electrician.