How to Replace a Dryer Belt

Dryer repairs or replacement parts should be taken care of promptly to avoid further issues. You don't always need to hire a professional, thankfully, so you can save cash. You must know the right steps to ensure you get the repairs completed promptly, such as a dryer belt that needs to be replaced.

How to Replace a Dryer Belt

Nobody looks forward to making repairs around the home, but they do happen. When it comes to appliances, especially a dryer, repairs are something you should not put off. For example, when you need to replace a dryer vent, it's critical to do so promptly before it leads to a host of other issues.

Before You Begin

Before beginning any project around the home, including working on your dryer, always turn off the power leading to the appliance. If you have a gas dryer, make sure you turn off the gas before you begin. You will also need to remove the lint screen. Once you remove the lint screen, grab a Phillips screwdriver and remove the two screws, which secure the lint screen housing.

Raise the Cabinet Top

You will need a putty knife for this part. Release the clips that lock the top of your dyer by pushing the putty knife under the left and right edges of the front side of your dryer. Now, you should be able to lift up the top of the lid. Position it securely in an upright position behind the dyer, against the wall.

Disconnecting Wires and Remove Panel

The next step is to disconnect the wire harness of the door switch. Grab a slot screwdriver to release the locking tab on your wire harness plug. You should be able to disconnect the wire harness at this point.

To remove the front panel, you will need a 5/16-inch nut driver to take out the mounting screws that are located on the interior of the cabinet. Now, pull your front panel forward gently. Next, lift and unhook the panel from the two bottom hangers. Once you pull off the front panel, place it to the side of your dryer.

Remove and Install New Belt

Position your new dryer belt on the dryer drum. Now, lift the front of your drum to get to the idler pulley and drive motor. Next, you need to thread your dryer belt through the idler pulley. Begin by pushing the idler pulley to the right, then loop the belt over your motor pulley. It is worthwhile to vacuum any dust and lint accumulation you see from inside the dryer cabinet while you're in there.

Putting Everything Back Together

Now that you have replaced your dryer belt, you will need to put everything back together. Place the front panel on the hangers located towards the bottom of the cabinet. Next, line the mounting holes of the panel and reinstall the screws on top of your front panel to secure it to the dryer cabinet.

Once you're finished with the panel, plug in the wire harness to the plug on the door switch. After you plug it in, make sure it locks and engages correctly.

Now you will need to lower the top panel and make sure to snap it in place. Put your screws back in the lint duct housing and place the screen back in. Once that's finished, you will have completely reassembled your dryer and you can now turn it on.