How Much Should I Pay for Used Appliances?

Kevin Fobbs

How much you pay for a used appliance depends on the age of the appliance, how much it has depreciated and if it's still under warranty. If you purchase a used appliance that when new would have cost $600 and it has a six-year guaranteed free replacement warranty, you should offer to pay no more than $300, notes Realty Times. You are getting a relatively new appliance and three years of guaranteed repair-free usage.

Warranty Is Important

Energy Efficiency Is Important

What you pay for a used appliance also depends on whether it is energy efficient, has a sound performance history or has been recalled by the manufacturer, notes Earth Easy A good deal in the short run may cost you higher utility and operational costs if the appliance is not energy efficient or has a history of higher maintenance costs.

Bottom Line

Be thorough and look for appliances that are still under warranty or have been refurbished by the manufacturer. Select energy-efficient appliances. Find out where the appliance can be repaired and if the motor is under warranty. Factor future costs into your calculation and haggle to reduce the final used price.