What Color Walls Work Best With a Red Sofa?

Wall colors are subjective to style preferences, but warm wall colors generally work best with a red sofa. Light golden or mustard shades set off by white molding create a balancing effect while allowing the shock value of red to have its intended place. Neutral walls in tan or beige are another option, giving full front-and-center attention to the vibrancy of the red furniture.

Personality Pleasers

A red sofa is the central feature in this living room with neutral tones.

Sophisticates are likely happier with a cool-to-medium shade of gray serving as a backdrop to their red sofa. Light teal or blue walls provides a retro look for the throwback designer. White walls create a contemporary aesthetic when paired with bright cherry-red leather furniture and geometric designs in curtains and accessories. Wood-tone walls blend comfortably with deeper reds such as mahogany or antique ruby. Bold wall colors work best as an accent wall opposite a red couch, with neutral tones throughout the rest of the room.

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