Why Is My Ice Not Dropping in My Ice Machine?

There are a number of possible reasons an ice machine will make ice, and yet the ice will not fall from the machine. However, with some basic information ice machine owners can often determine and correct the problem.

Check the Manual

Many ice machine problems are easy to correct.

The owner's manual for the ice machine will provide specific service information and diagrams about the machine and its operation. If you do not have the owner's manual, many manuals may be viewed or downloaded at the ice machine manufacturer's website.

Jammed Machine

Through normal operation, a thin layer of ice may build up inside an ice machine and can grow and cause the ice cubes to become stuck in the machine. With the machine turned off, a plastic scraper can be used to unjam the machine and remove this buildup. Machines may also jam after excess ice has been allowed to build up too far into the machine.

Worn Evaporator Plate

The evaporator typically is coated with a stick free coating. Over years of use this coating can become worn and damaged, which allows the ice to stick to the inner surface. An evaporator with worn plating will need to be replaced for the machine to properly operate.

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