How to Decorate a Room for Greek Mythology

Lucie Westminster

Greek mythology includes stories and legends about Greek gods and goddesses and their adventures thousands of years ago. The tales include famous characters such as Zeus, Pandora and Pegasus. One way of showing your love of Greek mythology is to choose a room in your home and decorate it using a variety of methods to enhance this theme.

You can decorate a room with items and characters such as Pandora centered around Greek mythology.

Step 1

Paint the walls of your room a light sky blue color. When this dries, use white paint and a sponge to create clouds on the walls. Because much of Greek mythology takes place in the sky, this sets the tone for the mythology-themed room.

Step 2

Hang sheer white curtains on the windows. This will allow your sky walls to show through, but still provide you with privacy. Enhance them by adding a gold ribbon or cord at the bottom of the curtains using fabric glue to give them a regal Greek god look.

Step 3

Purchase furniture to place in the room that looks like it is from Greece. Find a small pedestal and use this as an end table or purchase a coffee table that has pillars for legs. Chunky, white stone furniture will enhance the look of your Greek mythology-themed room.

Step 4

Enlarge photographs or drawings of Greek gods and goddesses, such as the Muses or Pan, and place them in frames. Scatter these throughout the room or hang them on the walls for further decoration in the room.

Step 5

Place stone statues of additional mythological characters on shelves and tabletops throughout the room. Place them on top of a bed of cotton balls to create the look of them floating on the clouds like real Greek gods and goddesses.