How to Manually Release Ice From an Ice Maker in a Samsung Freezer

Newer Samsung models have an ice maker installed for your convenience.
You may have to remove ice manually if the unit is clogged.
An ice maker connects to a water supply line at the back of the unit. The water enters an ice cube cutting tray. Once the ice is formed and the ice level is pressed, the ice exits through a shoot at the front of the fridge, into your glass. If too much ice builds up inside, the unit might not release ice properly. You may need to remove the ice bucket by hand. .

Step 1

Open up the freezer door.

Step 2

Locate the ice bucket at the top of the unit.

Step 3

Pull the bucket release lever towards you, or lift the bottom of the ice bucket towards you if there isn't a lever.

Step 4

Pull the ice bucket out of the unit.

Step 5

Remove any clogged ice at the ice maker by hand and empty the bucket if too full.

Step 6

Put the ice bucket back in place.