How to Decorate a Living Room With a Dark Leather Sofa

Dark leather sofas can create a sense of sleekness and class in just about any living room. Whether going for a contemporary look or a more formal feel, adding a dark leather couch is a suitable way to get started. Furthermore, by adding accessories and other pieces that complement the leather couch, you can easily create a living room design that matches your aesthetic.

Make a dark leather sofa the focus of your room.

Step 1

Choose a color for your walls that offsets the dark leather sofa such as bluish gray or light green. This makes your living room appear more inviting and spacious.

Step 2

Use a cream-colored carpet or rug to complement the dark leather sofa. Pick wall-to-wall cream carpet or a patterned cream-colored rug.

Step 3

Select furniture with similar features to your dark leather sofa. The other pieces may use similar colored legs or backs that are of matching heights. Choose an additional leather chair to complement the sofa, but try not to go overboard with leather.

Step 4

Use chrome picture frames and a glass coffee table if going for a contemporary theme. Alternatively, choose wooden picture frames and a light wood coffee table for a more traditional look.

Step 5

Add a soft cashmere throw blanket and cream-colored throw pillows to complement the dark leather couch and complete the look of your living room.

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