Turning a Dining Room Into a Bar Area

Lily Mae

If you're not the formal type and dining room doesn't suit your lifestyle, transform the room into a less formal bar area. With the addition of furnishings and decorative accents, you can turn your dining room into an inviting area where you can entertain friends and family, making your home the hub of social gatherings.

Make your dining room more functional to your life style

Step 1

Paint the room a funky, yet cheery color, such as hot pink, turquoise blue or scarlet red, for example. If these colors are too bold for the space, use the selected color on a focal wall and paint the rest of the walls a neutral color. For example, paint the wall behind the bar scarlet and paint the rest of the walls white or eggshell.

Step 2

Bring a pre-fabricated, portable bar into the room, or have one built for the space. In addition to a bar, add a high-top table or two to the space.

Step 3

Add one or two high-top tables into the room.

Step 4

Set bar stools in front of the bar and around the tables.

Step 5

Add a small refrigerator/freezer combination behind the bar. Use the unit to store ice and cold drinks.

Step 6

Bring a velvet or microfiber sofa or settee into the room for additional seating.

Step 7

Add shelving to the room. Hang shelves on the wall behind the bar in a vertical column or horizontal row. Lacquered or glass floating shelves add visual interest of the space. Store glasses and wine and liquor bottles.

Step 8

Remove a chandelier and replace it with glass pendant lights.

Step 9

Hang metal or glass sconces on the walls to add mood lighting to the space.

Step 10

Install recessed lighting in the ceiling.